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CLIP: Presidential Pardons and Commutations

AIR DATE: Monday, December 26, 2016

Samuel Morison talked about President Obama’s decision to issue 78 pardons and commute the sentences of 153 prisoners on December 19, 2016, the most issued by a president in a single day. He also spoke about the pardon process and how it could be improved.



  • Bell Ringer: History of Presidential Pardons (2:30)
    Chicago-Kent College of Law Dean Harold Krent discussed the origins and history of presidential pardons.
  • Bell Ringer: Presidential Pardons (4:23)
    Author Jeffrey Crouch spoke about presidential pardons and executive authority.
  • Bell Ringer: Presidential Commutations (3:54)
    Gregory Korte talked about commutation, how it differs from a pardon, and the role of the Justice Department in the clemency process.


  • Samuel T. Morison
    Attorney (Former)
    Department of Justice->Office of the Pardon Attorney
KEYWORDS: President Obama, Executive Branch, Pardon, Clemency, Commutation, Constitution