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CLIP: Independence of Elected & Appointed Judges

AIR DATE: Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Adam Liptak discussed the differences between elected and appointed judges, whether elected judges can be independent, as well as the risk they will be swayed by their supporters' politics or the election process itself.




  • The Supreme Court with Eight Justices (Video Clip - 5 min)
    Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan discussed the Court operating with eight justices and how it affects its ability to reach decisions.
  • Supreme Court Term Preview (Video Clip - 8 min)
    Lawrence Hurley previewed the upcoming Supreme Court term that opens Monday, Oct. 3. Topics included the Court operating with eight justices, the impact of the presidential election on the vacancy, and key cases for the term.
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  • Adam Liptak
    New York Times->Supreme Court


KEYWORDS: Judicial Branch, Federalism, Judges, Appointment Power, Elections