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CLIP: State Opening of Parliament

AIR DATE: Wednesday, May 18, 2016

BBC Parliament’s Daniel Brittain hosted a program looking at the State Opening of the British Parliament, featuring British historian Kate Williams, former House of Commons Sergeant-at-Arms Lawrence Ward, and “House of Cards” author and producer Lord Michael Dobbs.



  • Bell Ringer: British Parliament Question Time (7:17)
    Two clips showing Prime Minister David Cameron engaging in debate on immigration with Opposition Leader Edward Miliband, and answering questions from members of his coalition, and the opposition, on a variety of issues.
  • Bell Ringer: The English Roots of Democratic Principles (2:28)
    President Barack Obama speaks to the British Parliament, on May 25, 2011, about the English roots of our democratic principles. He is the first U.S. president to speak to the House of Lords and House of Commons in Westminster Hall, London, England.
  • Bell Ringer: Powers of the British Prime Minister (3:19)
    Lord John Wakeham discussed different powers of the Prime Minister within Parliament, as well as comparing them to those in the U.S. system.  


  • Daniel Brittain
    Host, BBC Parliament
  • Lawrence Ward
    Serjeant-at-Arms (Former), British House of Commons
KEYWORDS: London, England, British House of Commons, House of Lords, Queen, Parliament