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CLIP: United Nations Climate Deal

AIR DATE: Monday, December 14, 2015

A look at U.S. commitment to the United Nations Climate Change deal with nearly 200 countries from around the world agreeing to move to cleaner energy sources and reduce carbon emissions. The clip includes a review of the key highlights of the deal as reported in a Wall Street Journal article, as well as a clip of President Obama's comments following passage of the deal.



  • Climate Change Negotiations (Video - 7 min)
    Lisa Friedman, deputy editor of E&E’s ClimateWire, reported via Skype from the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris. She talked about the status of an agreement as the final plenary was about to start.
  • U.N. Climate Change Conference Opening Remarks (Video - 42 min)
    U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon opened the Paris Climate Change Conference. French President Francois Hollande outlined the importance of a climate agreement and said the stakes of an international meeting on climate change had never been so high. The French foreign secretary was the president of the conference.


  • President Barack Obama


KEYWORDS: Climate Change, Global Warming, Carbon Emissions, Clean Energy, Greenhouse Gas, United Nations