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CLIP: Government Funding Deadline and Budget Process

AIR DATE: Thursday, December 10, 2015

Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) discussed the House of Representatives funding deadline on Friday, Dec. 11. He also talked about the flaws of the current appropriations and budget process and ideas on how to improve it.


  • Congressional Agenda and Presidential Power (Video - 32 min)
    Representative Thomas Massie (R-KY) talked about his recent op-ed, in which he argued the congressional over government spending could hand President Obama more power and abdicate Congress' “power of the purse.”



  • Temporary Government Funding Bill (Video Clip - 7 min)
    The Hill's Mike Lillis joined by phone to talk about the continuing resolution being considered in the House to fund the government through December 16, 2015.
  • Week Ahead in Congress (Video - 5 min)
    Nancy Ognanovich reported by video from Capitol Hill about expected House action on the Senate-passed budget reconciliation bill as the December 11, 2015, government funding deadline. Topics included expiring tax extenders bills and the status of the Affordable Care Act repeal and Planned Parenthood defunding measures included in the reconciliation legislation.


  • Thomas Massie
    U.S. Representative
    [R] Kentucky
KEYWORDS: Budget, Appropriations, Government Funding, Omnibus Bill, House of Representatives, Rider, Spending Bill