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CLIP: Role of Law Enforcement in Schools

AIR DATE: Saturday, November 7, 2015

Columbia University Sociology and African-American Studies Professor Carla Shedd discussed the debate over the role of school resource officers, as well as the line between routine classroom discipline and law enforcement.



  • Video: President Obama Remarks on Policing (51:36)
    President Obama spoke at the International Association of Chiefs of Police (ICAP) 122nd Annual Conference and Exposition at McCormick Place in Chicago. He called for stricter gun control measures and criminal justice reform. He talked about racial disparities in the system and how communities and police could come together for safer neighborhoods and cities.
  • Video: Community Policing after Ferguson (6:46)
    Heather MacDonald talked by video from Toledo, Ohio, about law enforcement policy changes since recent police shootings and subsequent unrest that occurred in Ferguson, Missouri, and other cities around the nation. She also discussed FBI Director James Comey’s previous-week University of Chicago speech in which he said that increased scrutiny and criticism of law enforcers may have resulted in more violent crime as officers have become less aggressive.
  • Bell Ringer: Citizen Rights and Constitutional Protections (7:10)
    Steve Silverman talked about citizen protections in dealing with the criminal justice system, especially when dealing with encounters, apprehensions and stops by the police.
KEYWORDS: Law Enforcement, Education, Police, Students, Schools, Crime, Procedure, Arrest