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CLIP: Attorney General Loretta Lynch on Police Shootings

AIR DATE: Thursday, September 3, 2015

Attorney General Loretta Lynch condemns recent shootings of law enforcement officers, saying police "run into danger for us." She also speaks about recent mass shootings and the on-air killing of two journalists in Virginia.


  • Attorney General Loretta Lynch Remarks at National Fair Housing Conference (Video - 38 min)
    Attorney General Loretta Lynch gave the keynote address at the 2015 National Fair Housing Training and Policy Conference. She talked about her department’s efforts to combat segregation and discrimination in the housing market including using new technologies to expand the reach of the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Fair Housing Testing Program. She also condemned the recent police shootings in Texas and Illinois and announced an upcoming summit of law enforcement officers aimed at reducing violent crime.



  • Police Reform and Community Relations (Video Clip - 8 min)
    DeRay McKesson talked about his work and efforts to reform policing following several high-profile fatal shootings of unarmed African-American men by police.
  • Policing After Ferguson (Video Clip - 7 min)
    Alfred Durham talked by video from Richmond, Virginia, about the state of community policing, lessons learned from police involved shootings, and the role of community outreach following the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. 


  • Loretta E. Lynch
    Attorney General
    Department of Justice


KEYWORDS: Law Enforcement, Police Shootings, Justice Department, Loretta Lynch, Communities, Violent Crime