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CLIP: Synthetic Drugs and Drug Policy

AIR DATE: Friday, August 21, 2015

Karl Racine, Attorney General for Washington, D.C., talked about synthetic drug use in several major cities and the implications for law enforcement and public health.




  • Synthetic Drugs (Video - 1 hr)
    The Cato Institute held a discussion on the rise of synthetic or “designer” drugs. The panelists focused on strategies to address consumer demand.
  • Heroin Use in the U.S. (Video - 41 min)
    Debra Houry talked about a Centers for Disease Control report on heroin use in the U.S. and what the federal government, states, and health care providers can do to address the issue.


  • Karl Racine
    Attorney General
    District of Columbia
KEYWORDS: Drug Policy, Synthetic Drugs, Law Enforcement, Public Health, Public Policy