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CLIP: Republican Candidates "Voters First Forum"

AIR DATE: Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Fourteen Republican presidential candidates took part in a “Voters First Republican Presidential Forum” in Manchester, New Hampshire. This event was the first opportunity to hear the 2016 Republican presidential candidates on one stage. The candidates appeared one at a time, answering questions determined by the editors of the Union Leader based on the topics suggested by the public.





  • Republican Candidate "Voters First Forum" Recap (Video - 7 min)
    Joseph McQuaid talked about the 2016 “Voters First Forum” in New Hampshire, as well as New Hampshire’s role as state with the first primary in the presidential election.
  • 2016 Presidential Candidates and Campaign Finance (Video - 7 min)
    Dave Levinthal talked about who he thinks is winning the money race among the 2016 presidential candidates following the most recent round of Federal Election Commission (FEC) campaign spending disclosures.
  • 2016 Campaign (Video - 55 min)
    Stefan Hankin and David Winston talked about the 2016 presidential contenders, presidential primaries, and the significance of early polling. Mr. Hankin is a Democratic pollster and strategist, Mr. Winston a Republican strategist.


KEYWORDS: Voter Forum, Campaigns & Elections, Electoral Process, Political Participation, Campaign 2016, Presidential Candidates