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CLIP: Oil and Gas Prices

AIR DATE: Saturday, August 1, 2015

John Kingston talked about oil and gas prices and their influence on the U.S. job market and economy.




  • Oil and Gas Supply and Demand (Video - 43 min)
    Jeff Mower talked about global oil and gas prices and the impact of OPEC supply decisions on the U.S. drilling sector. He also talked about the effects of a potential nuclear deal with Iran that could include the lifting oil sanctions on that country.
  • U.S. Approval of New Drilling in the Arctic (Video - 34 min)
    Amy Harder talked about the Obama administration’s decision to allow Shell to start exploratory drilling for oil and gas off the Alaskan coast this summer.


  • John Kingston
    McGraw Hill Financial->Global Institute
KEYWORDS: Oil, Energy Policy, Gas Prices, Foreign Policy, Economy, Jobs