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CLIP: Supreme Court Term Review

AIR DATE: Monday, July 6, 2015

Lawrence Hurley talked about Supreme Court decisions in the 2014-15 term, and whether they signaled a shift Court. He also previewed the 2015-16 term.




  • Reporters on 2014 Supreme Court Term
    Reporters who cover the Supreme Court talked about the 2014-15 Court term, including key decisions and the personalities and interactions among the nine justices. They also gave their predictions for the next term.
  • Supreme Court 2014 Term Review
    The American Constitution Society hosted a review of the major cases and rulings from the 2014-15 Supreme Court term. SCOTUSblog Founder and constitutional law scholar Thomas Goldstein moderated.



  • Lawrence Hurley
    Thomson Reuters->Supreme Court
KEYWORDS: Supreme Court Term, U.S. Constitution, Affordable Care Act Subsidies, Same-Sex Marriage, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)