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U.S. History

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1968 Election: An Election in the Midst of War
The political and cultural turmoil during the election year of 1968; the multiple candidates vying for the Democratic presidential nomination.
September 7, 1993 : 5 min.

1976 Election: Ford's Pardon of Nixon
From 1992, Ford on his decision to pardon Richard Nixon and its effect on the 1976 presidential election.
July 21, 1992 : 1 min.

President Truman on Stalin
Former President Harry Truman talked about his relationship with the Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin in a series of outtakes from “Decision: The Conflicts of Harry S. Truman.”
December 1, 1964 : 5 min. 27 sec.

President Johnson Signs Civil Rights Act of 1964
President Lyndon Johnson made remarks and signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964 on July 2, 1964.
July 2, 1964 : 2 min. 58 sec.

CLIP: Lee Harvey Oswald
A 1964 CBS special on Lee Harvey Oswald entitled, “November 22nd and the Warren Report.”
November 24, 1963 : 11 min. 10 sec.

1963 Interview with Malcolm X
Nation of Islam leader Malcolm X was interviewed by sociology graduate student Herman Blake and professor John Leggett at UC Berkeley in 1963.
October 11, 1963 : 40 min. 51 sec.

President Kennedy's Cuban Missile Crisis Oval Office Address
Archival footage of President John F. Kennedy's Oval Office Address during the Cuban Missile Crisis.
October 22, 1962 : 3 min. 5 sec.

The Challenge of Ideas Vignette
A Cold War era film from 1961 discussing the ideological battle between the Western Allies of the United States and those of the Soviet bloc.
January 1, 1961 : 30 min. 43 sec.

1960 Kennedy - Nixon Debate
Presidential candidates Senator John F. Kennedy and Vice President Richard M. Nixon participated in the first-ever televised presidential candidates’ debate.
September 26, 1960 : 59 min.

1958 Interview with Henry Kissinger
An early interview with Henry Kissinger about the United States' foreign and military policies, the concept of limited war, and how to prevent a nuclear war.
July 13, 1958 : 27 min. 59 sec.
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