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StudentCam 3rd Prize Winner Elizabeth Keeling Interview
Elizabeth Keeling spoke about her team's third prize-winning video, College Checklist: Tuition, Dorm, Health Care Reform.
April 5, 2011 : 4 min. 38 sec.

StudentCam 3rd Prize Winner Nathan Krauss Interview
Nathan Krauss spoke about his third prize-winning video, "The National Economy", about how the recession has affected his family.
April 4, 2011 : 4 min. 48 sec.

StudentCam 3rd Prize Winner Rebecca Levy Interview
Rebecca Levy spoke about her third prize-winning video, "Ouch", about vaccinations and the Federal Government's role in overseeing and administering them.
April 3, 2011 : 4 min. 49 sec.

StudentCam 3rd Prize Winner Crystal Kayiza Interview
Crystal Kayiza spoke about her third prize-winning video, "A New Vision", about the American's With Disablities Act and blindness.
April 2, 2011 : 3 min. 55 sec.

StudentCam 3rd Prize Winner Mickayla Stogsdill Interview
Mickayla Stogsdill spoke about about the aftermath of a coal ash spill in Kingston, TN and the E.P.A.’s role in the clean up and prevention of future disasters.
April 1, 2011 : 4 min. 42 sec.
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