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The President

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CLIP: Donald Trump's Presidency
Linda Feldman talked about her Christian Science Monitor article previewing Donald Trump's presidency, his effect on the Republican and Democratic parties, his relationship with the new Congress, and his advisers and cabinet appointments.
December 28, 2016 : 7 min. 42 sec.

Trade Policy and Jobs in the Trump Administration
Dean Baker and Gary Hufbauer previewed trade policy under the Trump administration. Other topics included globalization’s effect on U.S. jobs and the possibility of re-negotiating NAFTA.
December 27, 2016 : 5 min. 24 sec.

Defense and National Security in the Trump Administration
Dan Lamothe talked about defense and national security challenges facing the incoming Trump administration as the president-elect prepares to take the oath of office.
December 26, 2016 : 8 min. 16 sec.

CLIP: Presidential Pardons and Commutations
Samuel Morison talked about President Obama’s decision to issue 78 pardons and commute the sentences of 153 prisoners on December 19, 2016, the most issued by a president in a single day. He also spoke about the pardon process and how it could be improved.
December 26, 2016 : 6 min. 40 sec.

Education Policy and the Trump Administration
Kevin Chavous talked about the possible implications of President-elect Donald Trump’s selection of Betsy DeVos to be Education secretary.
December 21, 2016 : 6 min. 37 sec.

CLIP: Role of the Electoral College
John Koza, Founder, National Popular Vote, and attorney James Hulme discuss the role of the Electoral College in presidential elections, its history, and relevance today.
December 19, 2016 : 8 min. 3 sec.

Inaugural Day Logistics
A joint task force responsible for military support on Inauguration Day held a walk-through with media to give a timeline of events on January 20, 2017. The task force comprises representatives from all branches of the military, including the Reserves and the National Guard.
December 14, 2016 : 8 min. 54 sec.

CLIP: The Influence of Money in Politics
Former Representative Tim Roemer and former Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood talked about the influence of money in politics and ways to reduce its impact and increase trust in the democratic system.
December 14, 2016 : 5 min. 18 sec.

Health Policy in the Trump Administration
Stephanie Armour and Amy Goldstein talked about expected changes to health care under the Trump administration and Republican-led Congress.
December 12, 2016 : 5 min. 58 sec.

CLIP: National Security Under the Trump Administration
Robert Levinson talked about the future of defense and national security policy in the Trump administration, as well as the president-elect’s selection of General James Mattis (Ret.) to be defense secretary and criticism that there would be too many generals in the cabinet.
December 12, 2016 : 5 min. 17 sec.
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