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CLIP: Veterans Day Wreath-Laying Ceremony
President Obama delivered Veterans Day remarks at the Memorial Amphitheater at Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Virginia.
November 11, 2016 : 11 min. 6 sec.

CLIP: Presidential Candidates on Foreign Policy
Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump discuss their foreign policy views at the commander-in-chief forum, including their plans in the battle against ISIS.
September 8, 2016 : 4 min. 37 sec.

CLIP: Terrorist Attack in Brussels
A look at the reactions from the terrorist attacks in Brussels as well as the possible impact on the United States. A clip from President Obama's comments on the attack was included.
March 23, 2016 : 3 min.

CLIP: NSA Bulk Data Collection Program
Stewart Baker and Neema Singh Guliani talked about the end of the National Security Agency’s (NSA) bulk collection of phone metadata and how this could affect terrorism investigations.
December 7, 2015 : 6 min. 51 sec.

President Obama Address on Terrorism
President Obama addressed the nation from the Oval Office about the steps our government is taking to fulfill his highest priority of keeping the American people safe. The President provided an update on the ongoing investigation into the attack in San Bernardino and discussed the broader threat of terrorism, including the nature of the threat, how it has evolved, and how we will defeat it.
December 6, 2015 : 13 min. 6 sec.

CLIP: Military Operations Against ISIS
Defense Secretary Ashton Carter testified on U.S. military strategy to combat ISIS* militants in Iraq and Syria. Secretary Carter announced that the U.S. is expanding its special operations force in Iraq and Syria.
December 2, 2015 : 4 min. 22 sec.

CLIP: President Obama and ISIS
A look at President Obama's tone and rhetoric regarding the fight against ISIS in the wake of the Paris terrorist attacks. USA Today White House Reporter David Jackson also previewed the upcoming meeting between President Obama and French President Francois Hollande.
November 23, 2015 : 6 min.

CLIP: National Security and Campaign 2016
Molly O’Toole talked about how national security issues are playing out in the 2016 presidential campaigns, as well as how candidates have addressed these issues in debates.
October 19, 2015 : 6 min. 21 sec.

CLIP: U.S. Troops in Afghanistan
A clip from our morning program, Washington Journal, discussing the debate over whether to keep U.S. troops in Afghanistan past the original 2016 timeline, in light of recent developments in the country. A clip of Afghanistan Operations Commander Gen. John Campbell’s testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee was also included.
October 7, 2015 : 2 min. 37 sec.

CLIP: World Leaders' Summit on ISIS
President Obama chaired a meeting with world leaders at the United Nations on ongoing efforts to combat the threat of ISIS* militants in the Middle East, Europe, and beyond. In this clip, King Abdullah II of Jordan and British Prime Minister David Cameron discuss their concerns and propose ways in which to address violent extremism.
September 30, 2015 : 11 min. 25 sec.
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