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Civil Rights

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Mount Vernon's Slave Quarters
A tour of George Washington's Mount Vernon slave quarters, a more historically accurate and nuanced depiction of slave life in 18th century Virginia.
August 28, 2011 : 28 min. 18 sec.

A History of Marches on Washington
Author Lucy Barber talked about the history of some of the largest marches on Washington, how they've changed over time, and their effectiveness.
August 27, 2011 : 42 min. 14 sec.

Loving v. Virginia
Patricia Sullivan talked about Loving v. Virginia, the landmark Supreme Court case that legalized interracial marriage in the United States.
May 7, 2008 : 4 min. 19 sec.

Morse v. Frederick and Student Free Speech Rights
A discussion about students' free speech rights, including Morse v. Frederick.
March 24, 2007 : 5 min.

U.S. v. Virginia
Susan Deller Ross discussed key cases in Supreme Court history that had a major impact on women, including United States v. Virginia.
January 12, 2002 : 4 min.

The U.S. after the Civil War
Edna Greene Medford talks about the U.S. after the Civil War during which time Booker T. Washington.
July 16, 2001 : 6 min. 52 sec.

Boy Scouts of America v. Dale
A discussion about Boy Scouts of America v. Dale, concerning whether the Boy Scouts could exclude gay troop members and leaders.
April 26, 2000 : 5 min.

President Johnson Signs Civil Rights Act of 1964
President Lyndon Johnson made remarks and signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964 on July 2, 1964.
July 2, 1964 : 2 min. 58 sec.

1963 Interview with Malcolm X
Nation of Islam leader Malcolm X was interviewed by sociology graduate student Herman Blake and professor John Leggett at UC Berkeley in 1963.
October 11, 1963 : 40 min. 51 sec.
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