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AIR DATE: Saturday, March 17, 2012
1850's Collapse of the Two Party System (51 min.)
This week, a look at the Compromise of 1850 and the collapse of the Second Party System with Gillis Harp, a Professor at Grove City College in Pennsylvania.
KEYWORDS: American History TV, Lectures in History

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This week C-SPAN debuted its new Landmark Cases series, beginning with the 1803 Supreme Court decision in the case of Marbury v. Madison – a decision that still resonates today. Each week C-SPAN Classroom will provide Bell Ringer video clips and related vocabulary and discussion questions from each of the 12 programs. Below are several from this week's program:

TEACHERS: Each week we're also offering registered C-SPAN Classroom members a chance to win a copy of our companion book, Landmark Cases, written by veteran Supreme Court reporter, Tony Mauro. This week we have 2 copies to give away, both signed by our guests, Yale Law Professor Akhil Reed Amar, and author Cliff Sloan. For your chance to win a copy, in a short typed paragraph (3-5 sentences) explain how you ensure students’ understand the relevance of Marbury v. Madison, including how it effects their lives.

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